Monday, January 31, 2011

MSLOL Radio- Show Five! MS Activated

Mark your calendars for:
Monday February 7, 2011
at our new time: 8pm-10pm est

MS Activated!
Join us on Monday, February 7th at our new time (8pm EST) when we will introduce you to two amazing women who took their diagnoses, put them on placards and marched until their voices were heard. Rachel Dykoski and Fiona Hoey have worked tirelessly to do right by the MS community. Find out just how they represent and how their efforts impact each and every one of us from the “living with it” delegation.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

~Giving it Back~

Monday January 10, 2011 7p-9p EST
Giving it Back~

Each of us living with MS has a roadmap. And while our original destination changes with every turn–– we navigate the journey in different ways.

In the two+ decades I have been living with MS, I have met some amazing individuals. These are people have taken their MS and are using it to give something back to our community. They have taken a journey they never could have imagined on that day none of us will ever forget.

Please join us for a compelling show, with guests Rick “Sommers” Steinhaus and Marni Blake Rothman.

Tune in Monday at 7pm EST to learn more about them!


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Multiple Sclerosis Life of Learning

Multiple Sclerosis Life of Learning